Welcome to HARISSA!  Bienvenue a HARISSA!

HARISSA, the restaurant, pays homage to Chef Alain Cohen’s Tunisian origins, his family’s Paris restaurant and his American culinary experiences.  HARISSA, the name, celebrates the beloved spicy sauce that symbolizes Chef Cohen’s vibrant cuisine.   In fact, harissa is so valued in Tunisia that an old wive’s tale says a husband can judge his wife’s affections by the amount of hot peppers she uses when preparing his food.  Indeed, Chef Cohen’s harissa sauce stays true to the family recipe, that dates back generations to Tunisia—and while our harissa has heat, the emphasis is on balance, not just spiciness

Tunisian cuisine is more savory than its Moroccan neighbor, which leans into the sweet side.   Central to Tunisian cuisine is couscous, and you will find the dish well represented in our menu.   As well, sample Chef Cohen’s signature Tunisian specialties–including housemade merguez sausage, traditional breik pastry, fricasse and pates a la boutargue.  Chef Cohen’s sausage making skills are also on display with our housemade charcouterie. And that’s just the beginning. …

Chef Cohen has created a menu with something for every taste.  Start with our diverse appetizer menu–if your taste runs to small plates & a glass of wine or beer.  For a simpler lunch, enjoy our salads and sandwiches. And, if you want to immerse your palate in French Tunisian cooking, well, there is a full page devoted to these satisfyingly classic dishes.

At HARISSA, we pride ourselves on an ongoing commitment to our community and our world.  To that end, you will find vegetarian and vegan options both in our lunch & dinner menu, and our dessert menu.  As well, a votre santé, we use only 100% grass fed beef, antibiotic- & hormone-free chicken, and non GMO canola oil.  Finally, round out your dining experience with Chef Cohen’s personally curated wines & beers.

Come to HARISSA.  Eat, drink, enjoy yourselves.  Chef Cohen’s greatest pleasure is in sharing well-prepared, delicious and satisfying food with everyone.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Bon Appetit!