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Chris G:

Was blown away.
Enjoyed every bite.
Came here in impulse.
Will return and introduce my friends.

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I ordered a few meals from them for Shabbos. The food was pretty good, and they even delivered it to where I was staying in the area for Shabbos. The women who helped me with my order, over the phone, was impressive and informative too. I even ordered this meal on the morning before Shabbos came in and got it all of a few hours later. Overall, not a bad or too expensive place to order from (at least for one person) for Shabbos.

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Yael Manela:

Great food and friendly servers.

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N E:

I cannot say enough about the wonderful service I was provided by Romina, in ordering by phone a complete Sabbath meal for a family of five, during their mourning period.  The meal was delivered, as requested.  The family said the meal was abundant and delicious. I live about 40 miles away, and have never actually dined at Harissa.  But, now I can’t wait to go there in person.  Turns out this family patronizes and loves this restaurant, as they live nearby. Another friend and avid patron recommended it to me. Thank you again, Romina, of Harissa.

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Dr. D:

I’d read the menu online as well as the reviews and was eagerly anticipating trying out Harissa as I just moved a block away from the restaurant. Took 3 friends there. When the small complimentary salads arrived, I knew everything that followed would be exemplary. The restaurant did not disappoint. I am a vegetarian but my friend really enjoyed the lamb burger. I ordered the vegetarian tagine, which featured artichokes and potatoes and was served with couscous. My other two friends, also vegetarians, really enjoyed the oyster mushrooms, the cauliflower with tahini sauce, and the salade fraiche (which seemed to be a gourmet version of Israeli salad).  In short, I'll be a regular there. I could see myself dining there once a week and availing myself of the takeout menu next door. A wee bit pricy compared to other takeout options in the neighborhood (which aren't cheap to begin with, I call it the "kosher mafia"), but as they say you get what you pay for. Simply sublime food, period, kosher or not. Oh and the service was superb as well, our waitress was Yvette. Might have helped that we walked in when they opened at 4:30 and were the only ones there, but others have commented favorably on the professionalism of the entire operation! "A Night in Tunisia" is a renowned jazz standard that's been covered by just about everyone since the great Dizzy Gillespie wrote the tune, and I look forward to spending many evenings and afternoons enjoying the Tunisian food at Harissa.

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Arielle P:

I do not seek out kosher food or restaurants, the same way I do not seek out pork or cheeseburgers. But if you place any of those dishes in front of me, my diet with no borders will definitely encourage me to eat (or at least, try) it all! I was so pleasantly surprised by this restaurant, from its welcoming owner to its amazing, authentic and delicious food to the fact that they were packed with customers!

For all you goys (non-Jews) out there, kosher just means the food has been prepped and blessed according to Jewish law, while also excluding pork, shellfish. The most well known "rule" is not mixing diary and meat, therefore a Kosher place will either carry one or the other (not both).

Between the Charcuterie and Seafood platter I would choose the meat one - they pride themselves on serving traditionally non kosher food but still having it kosher. For example, prosciutto is not kosher but I'll be damned if one of those meats didn't look and taste like it (they use cuts of beef).

My hands down favorite dish was the Breij A L'Oeuf Et Au Thon- a thin savory, flakey "pancake) filled with an over easy egg, tuna and capers.

Runner up was the couscous with Artichoke Hearts and Tofu- I'm no vegetarian but hand me a plate of artichoke hearts and I'm a satisfied foodie.

Do not leave without trying Moms Sweet Arissa Almond Cake- a family recipe passed down and perfected. It's moist, it's sweet, it's melt in your mouth delicious. Served with hot tea, it's the perfect end to a perfect dining experience.

Make sure to say hi to Alain, the owner and key holder to all the secret recipes that go into making this food as delicious and authentic as can be.

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Keo N:

Food is not just glorious, it has much deeper significance than just sustenance, it is deeply rooted in culture, religion and geography. At Harissa, you have a combination of Kosher, Tunisian and French influences.

If you have seen any one of those travel shows where Andrew Zimmer goes around sampling all the local delights overseas, you could do that, here in LA. As my friends say, "There is no need to leave this country, let them come to us." Well, it is exactly what is happening here.

Like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes Harissa is a rebirth of the old Got Kosher? The food is essentially like the old name, with the same chef owner and few additions.

À votre santé, as the chef puts it, we started off with cucumbers, carrots and turnip, mixing it up with the famous harissa sauce. This was mildly spicy in comparison to Hunan or Indian spicy which would send sweat rolling down the sides of my head.

Next up, was the charcuterie platter filled with toothsome morsels such as beef proscuitto, soprasetta and saucisson sec, lamb pancetta, chicken pâté with cognac, tunisian olives, cornichons, moutarde and crostini, followed shortly by a platter of delectable Tunisian Street Eats Sampler. This square white plate was covered with avocado egg rolls, breik a l'oeuf au thon, cigare a la viande and fricassé. It was gobbled up as soon as they were blessed with the obligatory and ceremonious photo taking.

Like a conveyer belt, our sybaritic north african feast continues with a platter of Seafood Board. Covered with gravlax with boukha & dill, salmon terrine, boutargue, taramasalata, whitefish salad, tunisian olives, capers, cornichons, & crostini, it was a lot easier and tastier to eat this than typing out the ingredients.

Continuing on with our epicurean delights, we sampled the Harissa spiced burger, follow by a scrumptious bowl of Short Rib Beef Bourguignon. Accompanying this dish was the most luscious and fluffy couscous. This would be gracing the next two targines; The Couscous Royal, with beef, chicken, lamb kebab, merguez & beef meatball. And the highlight of the night, is the Lemon Raisin Chicken. This would be my raison dêtre for coming back here. The plum raisins, the lemony sauce and spices, fused with the chicken and couscous was to die for.

We ended this royal regale with the Mom's Sweet Harissa Almond Cake with chilled sabayon. Therefore, it is more than possible to do an Andrew Zimmer without leaving town. In fact, we only scratched off a few dishes on the menu. Until the next time, bon appétit and à bientôt!